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Our Main Community Activities

Beit Ekstein Ma'agalim

Beit Ekstein Ma'agalim is an elementary school for students with emotional difficulties and other mental challenges.
Our goal was to connect with the students and get to know a side of the community that many of us had never met before.
We hosted a science, physics, and chemistry activity in our workshop: from optical illusions to experiments in chemistry.
All members of the team and the school's children had a great time.
This year we continued the activities and all members of the team came to their school on Chanukah holiday to give them a fun day of social games, dancing, juggling and lots of fun activities.
We forged a strong bond with the children of Beit Eckstein and we keep maintaining it.

Ma'agal Nashim (Ladies' Circle)

Ma'agal Nashim (Ladies' Circle)

Ma'agal Nashim is a voluntary, international, apolitical organization of young women, aged 18 to 45.

Their goals are to encourage young women to take part in social activities, increase their interest and involvement in the community and promote understanding among young people of different cultures and backgrounds.
Ma'agal Nashim in Netanya was established in 2010 by Michal Ben Rai in memory of her best friend, the late Hila Bachar.
Every year, Ma'agal Nashim holds a happening of fun for the whole family and enriching activities.
Three years ago, we were invited to join in. We loved it so much we participate every year.
Last year, we built a robot specifically for this event. The robot we built shoots small balls. Children attending the happening aim it at a small goal and try to score. We also showed children how to make a robot figure from recycled cardboard, split pins and lots of colors.

Beit Davidson

Beit Davidson

Beit Davidson is a community center in Netanya that caters to a number of populations of different age groups.
Among their activities, they offer classes for preschool children.
We have been volunteering at Beit Davidson since 2017 and giving science and technology workshops to curious children.
Each year we choose a different technological topic and we teach new kids about it.
Our hearts swell with excitement every time we go there and discover new faces.

Beit Davidson
Beit Davidson
FLL Group Mentoring

Mentoring FLL teams 

First Lego League is FIRST's international competitive junior program.

It encourages children in grades 4 through 9 to think and act like scientists and engineers who face a new challenge each year, related to everyday reality.

Guided by their instructors, their great imagination and their skills, the students discover an exciting world of technology, leading them to be the engineers and leaders of tomorrow.

Exploration - Each year's challenge includes a new theme to explore.
Values ​​- In the competition it is customary to submit a poster/presentation on the values ​​learned while working on the challenge and theme.
As the only FRC team in our city, one of our most important activities is mentoring and coaching FLL teams across the city.
Some of our own members were previously active in FLL teams and now mentor them.

This year we mentored more than 3 FLL teams and even hosted and planned a pre-season event with FLL teams from all over the country, we are planning on having another event like this , next year.



The Poros have started an ongoing project.
Each week team members collect bottles and cans at home, at school and in the workshop.
This is our contribution to preventing harmful pollution and to cleaning the environment for everyone.
Team members then take weekly turns, four members at a time, returning the bottles and cans to designated collection points.

Most bottles and cans carry a small deposit, which is returned at the collection points.

The money we receive from returned deposits goes into a petty cash that helps us buy small parts and supplies for our workshop or materials for community activities.


In 2020 we have collected over 2000 bottles and cans and we are determined to continue this project!

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