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We are FIRST Robotics Competition Team #5554

The Poros Robotics from Ort Yad Lebovitch high school in Netanya, Israel. 

FIRST is an international nonprofit organization, aiming to promote science, technology, engineering and math among students around the world.
The organization offers a number of programs suitable for different age groups, providing students with tools that will help them in the future.​ For each program, the organization conducts robotics competitions, challenging the students to think outside the box.
Alongside the competitions, volunteers and students are encouraged to contribute to their community.
Our team was founded in 2015 by a group of motivated and visionary students who strived to develop the field of robotics among their peers in the city.
That year, we won the "Rookie All-Star" award, given to promising new teams.
The Poros Robotics is considered one of the leading teams in the country.
The team has won numerous awards, represented the country several times at the World Championships and regularly ranks high in competitions.